George West Rodriguez is an NASM certified personal trainer in Laredo, TX. He’s motivated and has led people to reach their goals since the beginning of his fitness journey. His effective workouts and nutrition plans have helped many to accomplish their health and fitness goals. Through his dedication and work ethic he’s displayed his devotion for fitness and his passion for the community in the fitness world.


“When I decided to go to the gym for some information regarding their services, I did not know it was going to be the day my life would change, dramatically!! I was at my heaviest weighing 214 pounds…..I knew I had to do something. So, when George began to explain his services, I thought, could I even do this?! He was explaining what we would be doing, working with weights, cardio, squats, dumbbells, mountain climbers, planks, I said, “ok.” No one has a gun to my head, If I can’t I will just
stop”. That’s where I was wrong. Not only did I do them, but George would not let me quit! He would always tell me I could do it, it would just take time. My progression through the training has been tremendous, one example is I started off only being able to walk on the treadmill and now I can run. I was going with George three times a week and I was finding myself enjoying it. Within six months, people were noticing a difference in my weight and body structure, I went from a 16 women’s to a 16 misses…For a woman, that’s a huge difference! I have been with George for 11 months and I am very thankful for everything he has done for me…not only for his knowledge but there was times we would talk about my journey and how hard work and dedication made all the difference in the world. I will be forever grateful for George’s expertise and HIS dedication to me

“I’ve struggled with weight loss for many years. This journey has been a struggle but George has helped me celebrate my successes and kept me focused on my goal. I have now lost 40 pounds with George’s personal training. George has been a true Blessing. “

– Edith

My name Geronimo Vasquez I have been training with George Rodriguez for one year and 8 months. When I first started I weighed 290lbs and now I weigh 200lbs. I went from a 3XL shirt to L shirt. He is a great motivator and always adapts his training regiment to cause muscle confusion and accommodate to my goals. He gives intense workout programs and strict effective nutritional plans. I will continue training with George because I am happy with my results, while I still seek more improvement I know staying with George gives me the reassurance that my goals are obtainable. Thank you, George

– Geronimo V.

Working with George Rodriguez has been a tremendous blessing to me. Within the first 2 months, I lost 20lbs and through his constant encouragement, dietary supplement advice and dedication to my personal well-being, I have been able to continue to see progress these past 7 months. It’s truly an amazing feeling when people whom I see on a daily basis tell me that I look thinner, but the greatest moment for me was when I started buckling my belt a little tighter. That was the indication that I was, and currently on, the right track. George West Fitness is nothing short of a Godsend!!
-Eddie V.

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